Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Did You Convert?

Copyblogger recently came out with an article titled How Your DIY Attitude is Keeping You Poor discussing, among other things, conversion from Blogger to WordPress (and paying someone else to do it for you).

Blogger is often written off as being for amateurs. I'm not sure, besides selling and advertising, what separates "amateurs" from the more professional pool on WordPress. One of my goals is to make my blog look better in 2010 and I'm wondering if you can help me sort out these questions:

  • What's important about changing to WordPress from Blogger? 
  • What did it enable for you?
  • What can you do now that you couldn't do then?
  • Is this conversion hard enough that you would pay to have someone else do it?

I appreciate any and all insights. Thanks for sharing your expertise and experience!


A Mom in Jacksonville, FL said...

Here from ICLW...

Sorry, I've only used Blogger, so don't have any WordPress advice for you.

Best of luck to you as you vamp your blog for 2010!

Shannon said...

Good luck with your blog! I am a new blogger and I am trying to figure out an angle for blogging...right now my blogs are so random and I don't blog everyday. But I would like to revamp mine and get lots and lots of follwers to become a 'real blogger' - whatever that is! LOL

Shannon - ICLW

gerardinebaugh said...

I would think that Blogging as if it were a job, rather than a hobby, would take it out of that 'amateur' standing. No matter where you Blog.

Jennifer said...

A Mom in Jacksonville, FL - thanks for the well wishes! Shannon - random is good. Keep at it! Gerardine - thanks for pointing out that it's not the platform but the mindset. I'll give that some thought.

the replicant said...

I think the reason that Wordpress may be seen as more "professional" is that Wordpress (the software) can be installed on one's own Web server without involving Wordpress (the service.) I'm not an expert, but I don't think you can do this with Blogger. So the difference is that your Wordpress blog can be at whereas your Blogger blog has to be at It's like having a "throw-away" AOL/Yahoo/GMail e-mail address versus a you@your-domain e-mail address.

Jennifer said...

Hi replicant...after your comment I did some research and found out that my domain name is already taken. Fummer! I also found that WP has an e-commerce engine that you can integrate...not sure yet if Blogger does.