Monday, December 28, 2009

December IComLeavWe


Today is the close of December's IComLeavWe, one week a month dedicated to building relationships among bloggers by commenting and responding to comments.  The moniker stands for "I come as one and leave as a we". There were 134 already busy participants this holiday season. Out of them I read posts on 35 blogs. For November IComLeaveWe,  I gave a list of the blogs I found by participating. Here's the list for December:

1. On Blogging Well - this has a lot of good blogging tips on a daily basis.
2. Sister Village - a mentoring site for women, catalyzing support
3. My Walking Path - Gerardine Baugh takes a macro lens to her daily walks and shares the written results. She's a fabulous and thoughtful commenter as well.

There were many wonderful commenters as well from many of the bloggers. Participating in this event organized by Stirrup Queens really gives a sense that "comments are the new hug."  Hope to see you in the January comment leaving week!


[cre] said...

It's my first time with ICLW, found some really great blogs!

Robin said...

I thought it was fabulous and thanks for mentioning my blog. I found LOTS of blogs that I have subscribed to. A great way to find and make new blogging friends. I'll definitely be back month after month!

Andi said...

I missed December's, I did not have internet access where I was, but I look forward to January!