Sunday, December 13, 2009

CORRECTION: Paden City Pottery Co

In my previous post I said that this was from the Garden City Pottery Company. Well, I should have looked at the saucer and not the photograph of the saucer. The stamp on the bottom actually says Paden City Pottery Co.

After doing a little research I found that this pattern was called Rosalee and was discontinued in 1941. I found a source for replacements at A cup and saucer set costs $17.99 and the cup I'm missing is $16.99.

Paden City was established in 1914 in Paden City, West Virginia and closed in 1963.


Anonymous said...

Very pretty! I love the pattern.

Gerardine Baugh

Ji said...

Why is the last?

hope to see you again!

Great art shown in your Photograph.

Jennifer said...

Hi Gerardine! My grandmother loved roses. Ji, thanks for your comment! I went back and changed the word "last" to the word "previous". Good catch! Thank you both for complimenting!

Anonymous said...

very nice, love pottery especially older ones, rare and colorful, popped over from gerardines blog to visit her friends... nice blog...


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