Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Award Yourself

Today was a crazy day.  I know you've had them too.  Lot's of people wanting last minute help, things trapped in the wrong loop, etc, no time to work out or go to the grocery store for dinner.....

Well, I awarded myself for making it through today, a nothing special day, just the everythingness of an ordinary busy day.

What do you do to recognize yourself for getting through one of those days?


gerardinebaugh said...

I sit back with a cup of tea and some cookies, if I can complete just one of the things on my list.

Gerardine Baugh

richard said...

Usually, I over eat (either choclate, chips or cashews). Then again, that is not really rewarding myself - is it? Mor elike comforting myself.

I try to do what I do every night, soak in a tub of hot water with a good book.