Sunday, December 20, 2009

6 Things That Changed My 2009

Looking back over this year, there are some things that had really changed my year.

1. - I haven't had a tv for decades, no cable, no satellite, etc.  A few years ago we started Netflix subscription and began to see more movies. This year, we found and finally joined the mainstream tv set just at a time when many people are saying they're trying to quit. Bones, Jericho, Lie to Me, Castle, Warehouse13 and White Collar all made it into our repertoire changing the way we spend at least 5 hours a week.

2. injury - almost a year ago I became injured and had to stop running due to ischial tuberosity bursitis - just call it butt bursitis for short.  I went from a 35 mile a week runner to 0, freeing up at least 6 hours a week. I used this time to start blogging.

3. blogging - I had cauterized my love of photography about 6 years ago to devote myself to full time work. For my first post a year ago, I needed a photograph, and suddenly, I had a reason and desire to photograph again. I straightened out my inaccessible Flickr account and got a pro subscription.

4. Project 365 - Late this year, I joined Blissfully Domestic's Project 365 on Flickr. The goal is to shoot one photo a day for 365 days.  This turned an as needed activity into more of a proactive discipline. So far, I have 72 more photographs than I would have otherwise and have seen a lot of great work by others and met a lot of great people through the Flickr-sphere practice of commenting.

5. blogging - the skills I exercise while blogging have helped me develop and articulate opinions. Women's Wallets and World Hunger is probably the best example of that and something I've been working towards.

6. Julie and Julia - Cooking has never been my thing but this movie inspired me to get my knives sharpened, my 30 year old non-functioning stove replaced and Vols I and II of Mastering the Art of French Cooking. I now put together weekly menus frequently and cook to them.

What changed your 2009?


Infertile said...

ICLW - great post. I've already been thinking about this, too. I've never re-capped my year before but I think this year I will. Thanks for the reminder to actually do it.

Love your nickname for your injury - seeing the word butt makes me laugh because yes, I can still be immature. ;)

Elizabeth said...

I love the idea of taking a picture per day; what a great goal that would be for 2010. I hope you are recovering well, as I runner, I know how lost one can feel without hitting the road... but then again, an extra six hours to do as you please sounds heavenly. Many thanks for a great post! ICLW

Anonymous said...

You had quite a year. I'm sorry you hurt yourself, I hope you're okay now.
A picture a day is a great idea !
Yay on Julia ! Yay on more TV series !
Happy ICLW

Robin said...

Wow, we actually have some things in common for this year. I, too, discovered Hulu. Ain't Hulu grand?! I also decided to do something every day but it is really self-inflicted and that's blogging. (I'm doing a 30-day Make-It-Stick Challenge but I'm planning on making it stick FOREVER!) And like you, blogging has helped me to hone in on something important to me that I've wanted for years. You know what they all amount to? Getting out there and BEING BUSY (well, maybe not the Hulu but, thanks to it, we can do that and still catch our favorite shows!). So let's call 2009 the year of being busy!

Anonymous said...

This is a great idea, re-evaluating the past year.
I will have to sit and think about this one, a little longer later on.
Sorry about your, ischial tuberosity bursitis, I understand about pain issues, I hope there are treatment options for you.

This past year, I can say I put myself on a no-matter-what-schedule and stuck to it.

Jennifer said...

Infertile, I'd love to read your post when you get around to it. Cheers to immaturity! Elizabeth - thanks for commiserating. Pandabox33 - I'm back up to 10 miles a week and grateful for every one. Robin, let's do call 2010 the year of being busy - deeply involved in things we care passionately about. Gerardine, NaBloPoMo for December has given me a taste of the no-matter-what schedule. You do harden up under the discipline, don't you. Hugs to you all and many thanks for stopping by! Jennifer