Monday, December 14, 2009

10 Things I'd Like to Build in 2010

I'm about out of gas tonight but The One Minute Writer got me going just a little further with the challenging question, "What would I like to build in 2010?" The possibilities are endless but time is finite

1. a more beautiful blog template customized
2. a personal website for my photography and artwork and publications
3. a wonderful kitchen for entertaining and preparing food
4. stronger relationships with friends and family
5. a fruitful ministry
6. a stronger marriage
7. an amazing ability to run and remain athletic
8. thought and people leadership at work
9. a stronger relationship with the Lord
10. a better memory of the Bible

What would you like to build in 2010?


Anonymous said...

"What would I like to build in 2010?"
1. A bigger garden
2. I agree with #4 stronger relationships with friends and family
3. My list of books I finished reading
4. Better writing..
The lists are endless. What a great question! You made me think!

Gerardine Baugh

Billy's Poetry Blog said...

what I would like to build in 2010?

1. more friendships
2. more books
3. happiness for the world
4. the hunger to be abolished
5. war ending forever.

and much much more...
thanks, great idea...

jtbrown said...

What would I build in 2010?

1. A big sign that says "Rejoice."
2. Another big sign that says "Rejoice."
3. Then a small sign that says "The Lord is Near."
4. Another small sign that says "Stop worrying and start praying."
5. And finally, a castle with a moat around it, filled by God with transcendant peace. We need a safe place for our hearts and minds.

Blessings to all through the holidays and 2010.

Jennifer said...

Wow, what great thought provoking lists of things you'd like to build in 2010! Gerardine and Billy, we all 3 said something about friendships, more, stronger. JT, what a great reminder. Only a few more days until we can start building!

richard said...

I saw this a few days ago and had to return to answer:

1) focus on developing websites and domains I own. Yesterday, I spent about 6 hours writing one short (a little over 300 words) article on (most of that time was spent doing screen grabs, fiddling with the images asnd checking and double checking the information was right).

2) finally complete the requirements for my trademark (and actually start using it for business - the article yesterday).

3) sit down and write at least two books - 1 fiction and 1 non-fiction (technical).

4) start generating some income - I can't live off my savings forever and teh wife doesn't want to be the sole breadwinner.

5) actually sell photgraphs instead of just taking them and storing them on my hard drive.