Friday, November 6, 2009


What to do if you can't afford the expensive players but still want to win? This book answers that question.. Moneyball shows how Billy Beane, coach of the Oakland A's, figured out a game changing way of selecting a team that resulted in more wins per dollar than many of the more well funded teams. 

Game strategy before Billy valued players with high home runs because of the assumed tie to winning games.  What Billy and his staff discovered is that this isn't the best predictor of wins.  Things like high percentage of on base was a more critical statistic.  Since current strategy didn't favor on base percentages, those players were undervalued.

What Beane discovered through analysis of reams of data is not what people think wins games but what REALLY helps win games.

Note: I am not a baseball fan at all (I can't keep the Oakland A's and the San Francisco Giants sorted out in my head) but I really enjoyed this book because this question of how to win when the decks are loaded against you is applicable in lots of places in life.  Enjoy!

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