Sunday, November 8, 2009

Le Menu Report

Last week's menu was challenging! I learned 5 things from the experience:
  1. When the recipe says to put parchment paper underneath the cookie dough on the cookie sheet, the author means it and not for the reason you might expect, to keep the cookie sheet clean, but to keep the cookies from spreading across the baking sheet becoming flat disks suitable for playing frisbee with the dog.
  2. When the recipe says "short ribs" it means bone-in short ribs even though the modifier is deleted, not boneless.  4 lbs of bone-in short ribs go a short way and would have been balanced with the quantity of mushrooms, bacon and pearl onions while the same quantity of boneless go for weeks!
  3. Banana nut bread made with fresh bananas rather than the traditional slightly spoiled bananas gives the bread a much lighter, fresher banana taste.  I prefer this even though it is non-standard.
  4. Fresh raspberries are likely to spoil overnight or within 48 hours so buy the day you plan to use them or buy frozen.
  5. You need to live in a metropolitan market with a diverse population to be able to walk into a store and buy harissa paste.  I had no problem but I can imagine parts of the world where you'd need to mail order this or make from scratch.
Happy cooking!

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