Friday, November 27, 2009

The Alphabet of Thanks

Thanks to The One Minute Writer for this idea.  What am I thankful for?

A = assets, access, apples
B = blogging, books, bicycles
C = cinnamon buns, car, coffee
D = daylight
E = equality, employment, effervescence
F = feminine, favor, fruit of the spirit
G = gentleness, Google, glasses
H = hospitality, husband, horizon lines
I = ingenuity, independence
J = job!, joy
K =
L = love, Lucchese boots, Lotus Elise
M = mornings, maps even if I can't read them
N = new
O = opportunity
P = promotion, peace, patience, photography
Q = quietude
R = rest, running, reading
S = I won't state the obvious here....., snacks
T = tea time, trust
U = unselfishness
V = vindication
W = womanness, wine, websites
X = a woman's chromosome
Y = yellow
Z =

How about you?


Kristin said...

I love these ABC lists. Thanks for sharing yours. I was crazy enough to do two ABC lists as ICLW introductions in the past.

BTW, I love your casserole dish.

Anonymous said...

This looks interesting; I will try my own list thanks for the idea.
Gerardine Baugh