Wednesday, November 18, 2009

10 Pebble Principles for Innovation

Thomas J. Buckholtz, former CIO of GSA under former President G. H. W. Bush, PhD in Physics from Berkeley, author of 2 books, gave a talk this evening at the EMC Leadership & Innovation Speaker Series. While Buckholtz structured his talk using his recipe for stories, the title of the talk, “One Pebble Creates a Ripple,” proved a rich organizing metaphor for my resulting thoughts about innovation and about what was created there. 

10 Principles of Pebbles:
  1. Have lots of them
  2. Re-launch them often
  3. Watch the ripples to see where they go
  4. Watch other people’s pebbles….want to make a ripple? Surf it or amplify it or join it or pass it along.
  5. What entrenched relationships and processes/shorelines will this pebble unbalance/invade?
  6. What’s the pattern?  What pebble would change the game? What ripple? From where/whom?
  7. What’s the size of the pebble and the size of the tank?  Will it cause a storm in a teacup or splash in the ocean?
  8. How you throw it makes a difference.   Hard, soft, short, long.
  9. Learn from the landing for the next throw.
  10. Skipping the rock from group to group makes more ripples.
Tom J. Buckholtz, the speaker, also provided a summary of the event from his point of view.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting speech about the pebbles!