Monday, October 12, 2009

The Sacred Vache

Well, I've done it.  Cooked the vaunted Boeuf Bourguignon, after mostly learning to spell it. I took this dish very seriously and cleared all the decks in preparation:

Then, I made sure the recipe was easy to get to:

And got out a few supplies including some coffee to power me through:

It was at this point that I discovered a new requirement for my eventually remodeled kitchen.  The light must enable 50mm photos @ 1/50 @ f2.5.  The best I could do was 1/8.  I think retractable light boxes in the ceiling would work nicely.  Annie Liebowitz would be jealous:)

I'll spare you much of the interim work (which would have been blurry anyway) but suffice it to say, don't try to do this one after work on a week night.  It takes TOOO long. I started farmers market and grocery shopping at 9am (having been to the butcher the day before) and, with two one hour breaks, finished cooking at 5:00pm. Here's the finished good:

My only recommendations are:

  • remember to cut up the bacon into little strips (I forgot) 
  • most bacon these days doesn't have a rind so don't worry about cutting it off
  • invest in a better Pinot Noir/Burgundy drinking wine than this one (lowest price point at Costco and an import). Tomorrow, with leftovers we'll try a local at the same price point and see if we get more for our money.  
  • don't use Pyrex! When I moved my Pyrex casserole from the hot burner on the stove to the unused but not cold nor cool side, it cracked!!!!!  If this had happened at the beginning of the day, I would have been surprised but serene.  It happened at the end of the day, all the leftovers were in there and my response was not so laissez faire. Down with Pyrex! I need foolproof cookware, not things that require pampering. When does Le Creuset go on sale?

Happy cooking!

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Andi said...

Felicitacions ! You have to cook the beouf is a Crueset or Dutch oven - that's the best - this is one of my favorite dishes!