Thursday, October 8, 2009

Parking Garage Cross

Parking Garage Cross
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The textures got me. On my way back to my car on the ground floor of the parking garage, the many shiny silver eyehooks vs the stubbly beard of the cement wall, the many narrow black cords and the thick wide wall and surprisingly thin floor startled me out of my hurry. I put my bags down and to the amazement of 3 people sitting in cars or walking to one, I shot.

It wasn't until I got home and started playing with the image that I realized, while it was the light effects that hooked me, there was more going on, that this was about structure and foundations.

Turning it into black and white revealed the cross.

What, in life, if I took out the things that arrest my gate, hold my cheeks and fasten my gaze, would metamorphose this way?

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Anonymous said...

That's what I love, too, about photography, Jennifer! It inspires me to pause and really *see the world around me - and God's hand in it. That is a great, great shot!