Monday, October 26, 2009

Le Menu Report

This report is brought to you by.......well, no sponsor:) Just me!

Last week I shared with you what I was going to cook.  This week I'll tell you how it went and tasted.

First, the Duck a la Orange has now been renamed Duck a la Ordeal.  It takes foreeevvver! Particularly on a weeknight when you think to yourself, "This will be easy."  Nope.  Lots of steps that need to be timed just right. And I highly recommend reading ALLLLLL the directions before beginning. I didn't and only belated realized that I need to blanch orange peel BEFORE putting the duck in the oven.  Ah well.  As for taste, the bird itself tastes  It's the sauce that's the secret and boy is it orangey.  It took so long to cook that I had to debone the duck and put it in the freezer for another day.  We'll see how it goes when we thaw it tomorrow night.

NEWS FLASH: We did have the duck the next night and rechristened it "Rubber Duckey".  Do not try at home! Find a nice restaurant that serves this and order it without guilt!

On the other hand, the pork loin glazed with pomegranate and orange was yum! The loin would have been dry without it and the pomegranate lent a nice zing to every bite.  Splurge on a good pinot for this one.  We finally settled on a Cambria that was worth repeating.  The Chalone was not. The loin freezes and reheats well.

Due to business and personal travel, the rest of the menu remains in suspended animation. We did make it to TJ Maxx as promised and the vaunted Le Creuset was in stock at the rumored price but not in the right size.

We'll keep trying:)  You too!

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