Saturday, October 10, 2009

Le Menu Report

Earlier this week, I shared with you le menu I was planning to cook this week. While the braised endives are still not cooked, and the chicken for the 2nd chicken dish spoiled in the fridge, I completed all the rest.

The Orange Ginger Chicken from Evan Goldstein's Perfect Pairings was a hit. My only advice is to use fresh ginger in the marinade, not ground dried ginger.

The Moroccan Lamb Tagine was not such a hit. It was too sweet for my husband and I found that there are people who don't like lamb. I liked it and plan to freeze it for those evenings when I'm home alone for dinner. The Viogniers were a perfect match.

For the risotto, I used the sauce left over from the Casserole Roasted Chicken with Tarragon  from last week which gave it a definite flavor. When I finally do get around to the Chicken Sauteed with Herbes de Provence I'll have to remember to use the leftover sauce for risotto.

The real highlight for me was the Pommes de Terre Sautees or sauteed whole new potatoes.  My French friend, she likes these slightly burned, so I let them.  They were fabulous and flavorful and not oily or greasy.

So, I'm debating now whether, in addition to the missed Chicken Sauteed with Herbes de Provence to also tackle Boeuf Borgignon....haven't decided when to take on that sacred cow.

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Andi said...

You go girl! making my mouth water with every post!