Saturday, October 3, 2009

Coquilles St Jacques

Coquilles St Jacques
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Proof that I've been inspired by Julie and Julia and by Julia Child......Coquilles St Jacques cooked by myself and served correctly on scallop shells!

Here's le menu from last week. I cooked 4 things from Mastering the Art of French Cooking:
  1. Haricots Verts à l’Anglaise (Buttered Green Beans, Julia Child 444)
  2. Purée de Pommes de Terre à L’Ail (Garlic mashed potatoes, Julia Child, 520)
  3. Poulet Poêlé à L’Estragon (Casserole roasted chicken with Tarragon, Julia Child 249)
  4. Coquilles St. Jacques à la Parisienne (Scallops & mushrooms in white wine sauce, Julia Child 216)
Definitely a few missteps (like 4 DAYS of garlic mashed potatoes) and definitely time consuming (about an hour and a half a night for 3 nights) but an interesting week none the less!

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Clearly, I've lost my mind the last 3 months!

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