Tuesday, October 13, 2009

365 is the New 30

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Used to be that if you wanted to start a new habit, the common wisdom was you did it for 30 days and then it was yours.

I find that changing. 365 is the new 30.
* In January, I started blogging and I promised myself that if I made it through a whole year of blogging and liked it, then I would continue and upgrade my site / skills and maybe even attend a conference. It's October 13th and I'm still at it.
* In September, I got inspired to cook and promised myself that if I could cook like this for a whole year, then it would be easy to whip something up, a new second nature. I've cooked for 1 month now. It is very slowly getting easier.
* In October, I joined BD 365, a group of 54 Blissfully Domestic photographers who commit to make one photograph a day for a whole year. I'm on Day 15.

Why didn't I just try these things for 30 days? Well, they're each more complex to learn and master than say, picking up the habit of flossing every night. There's more to learn and it takes time to unfold. But I trust that the acquired patina will have a beautiful effect.

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