Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Velvet Angels

Inspired by Meryl Steep's shoes in the movie Julia and Julie, I grabbed these out of the closet to design an outfit around for a pizza party. The light orange color, flamboyant heel and unique design seemed a perfect way to rejoice in the last blast of summer heat.

After a few false starts I opted for a short white skirt, a sky blue cotton sweater and a string of pearls. Deep wine or purple nail polish does a nice job of setting the shoes off. For a more discreet showing, white linen pants and a taupe long shirt worn open works well.

Aptly named Charlatan by Velvet Angels, these look like a sandal but wear like a shoe because of the secure strap over the ankle and forefoot. The heels are sturdy and held up well to tromping through the hay strewn back yard to check out the party hosts chicken coop. Can't wait to see the fall/winter line.

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