Thursday, September 3, 2009

Lost Diamond!

"Oh!!! I lost my diamond!" I cried as Mom drove away from the bank. It was a marquis given to me for my engagement almost 20 years ago.

We whipped a u-ey, went back to the bank, parked in the middle of the driveway and scoured the ground with our eyes. All those asphalt glitters were just that.

We backtracked our morning. I had been to the Assistance League Thrift Shop to meet Mom's cohorts in benevolence to abused children. Mom quickly dialed them on her cell phone, "Have you vacuumed yet? Jennifer's lost her diamond. You'll look? Oh, thank you!"

We had taken photos of me at the Assistance League so we decided to speed to Walgreen's and make prints to see if the diamond was still in my ring at that point. We got the memory card out of the camera and into the Kodak machine, paged through photos to find the 2 of me. Was it there? The image on the screen wasn't big enough to tell. So we decided to order prints which would take an interminable 24 hours. Mom's cell rang. "Hello? You found it!!!! Oh bless you! We'll be right there."

Well, not quite. There were suitable gifts to find for the hunters. I got roses for Betty, the woman who found the diamond, and Mom got Popeye's chicken for everyone who looked.

On the drive back to the Assistance League, I said to Mom, "I hope it's my diamond that they found." Of course it would be. How many times do you find more than one diamond in a day?

When we got there, Mom walked in with the Popeye's and I walked in with the roses. Betty greeted me warmly, "I knew I would find it. I prayed." Smiling, I gave her the red roses.

Betty walked to the desk behind the checkout counter, and brought me a ziplock bag with my name on it. Inside was a beautiful round diamond.

"Oh, that's not my diamond."

Betty's chest sagged. Everyone who had looked so hard was crestfallen, listless, milling. So thorough had their work been, there was no point in redoing.

I walked outside and called my husband to find out if we had a jewelry rider. We didn't. He assured me that I was more upset about the whole thing than he was. I went back inside to the backroom for some Popeye's myself.

After some minutes had passed and the chicken almost gone, Betty, her hand folded around something, crept up to me, opened her hand and said "Is this it?" In her palm lay a marquis diamond.....that fit in my ring. It was mine!

Unbeknownst to me, she had been crawling on her hands and knees under shelves, racks full of clothes and down aisles, picking up every shiny thing, looking for my diamond. And she found the second diamond that day, because she prayed.


Andi said...

Oh Jennifer - how lucky and amazing. There really was divine intervention there! Can you imagine TWO in one day in the same store!!?? Any ideas on the first diamond?

Lisa said...

I hope Mom sends/gives this to Betty! She will love it!

Barbara said...

How wonderful and amazing! I'll bet your heart made every position in you body that day, from your toes and pit of your stomach to the tips of your fingers WAY above your head!!

Laura said...

I love this story...wonderful ending but even better suspense. Reminds me a lot of anotehr story you might be familiar with, you know the one abou the shepherd finding the lost sheep. Betty is a great picture of that shepherd.

jenX said...

wow, that was a great story!!! I lost a blue topaz once. it was missing for months. as i swept up the hardwood floors in that rented apartment for the last time - it was moving day - i saw something shimmer in the corner in the hallway. itwas that tiny blue topaz the college boyfriend gave me. a promise ring. i was so glad i found it. it always felt like a little miracle. glad your marquis was found! andi sent me here via twitter.

Jennifer said...

I don't know what to say except thank you for your comments. Andi, last I heard the League was debating how to reunite the first diamond with an unknown owner. Lisa, I'm waiting to hear too! Barbara, I had a strange calm during that whole experience. Weird! Laura, great analogy! I know the story but hadn't drawn the connection. And, JenX, thanks for sharing your blue topaz story. And to tie it back to the start,JenX and Andi, thanks for taking this blog to the Twittersphere!