Wednesday, September 9, 2009

It Takes More Than Sharp Knives

Well, my first 2 attempts to follow Julia Child's recipes did not go well.

I had 9 knives professionally sharpened at the Farmer's Market after over 19 years of use. The sharpener duly warned me to be careful now. And I was....but not enough. While trying to skin eggplant I slipped and sliced my thumb. The knife was so sharp that it didn't bleed much but man is it sore today.

It was a needless blood sacrifice as the eggplant I bought I overblanched to a pulp and it turned out to be bitter (too old but how was I to know? it looked smooth and young to me). So down the disposal it went before even making it to the saute stage. I'll salt the eggplant instead next time. At least it wasn't entirely wasted. I took still life photos that I have yet to edit and the eggplant was a star.

The beans I bought were perfect but because I used the olive oil that I had queued up for the eggplant (too much for the beans) they turned out soaked, I added too much garlic and the shallots were soaked too. It was edible but forgettable but only after we opened the windows to let out the smell. Apparently, you need more than sharp knives to be able to cook like Julia Child.

There was a bright spot. After years of eating eggs fried in olive oil, my husband cooked mine in butter yesterday. WOWWWW! Was that ever delicious!

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