Thursday, September 17, 2009

Jericho: Battle Plans

I used to not have a TV....until tv came to my house through the internet. Now I've gotten hooked on a few series, one of which is Jericho.

Jericho "is a small town in Kansas that finds itself cut off from the rest of the world after a mushroom cloud appears on the horizon, and a TV and radio blackout ensues." Cut off from the rest of the world, each person must chose every day "the way it is."

Jericho as a town doesn't exist in Kansas, so the name of the show is important. The battle of Jericho appears in the Bible in Joshua 6:1-20. Jericho had shut the Israelites out of town but that town was part of the land that God promised his people.

God gave them an unorthodox battle plan: march with all the armed men around the city one time a day for 6 days with 7 priests carrying rams horns in front of the ark of the covenant. On the 7th day do this 7 times, but this time have the priests blow the trumpets, have the whole army give a shout and the wall of the city will collapse.

How on earth, could this plan win a war. But God said it would and it did.

Jericho the tv series deals directly with questions of how to win a war when you're not sure who the enemy is. There are at least 2 unorthodox battle plans: Love each other, forgive.

The love theme is explored through family ties (the Greene's), romantic love (Jake and Emily, Stanley and Mimi, and more) and love for a place and love for the other members of the town all expressed actively by doing. Don't get me wrong, it's not a love fest. It's just that in the face of anger and hurt it is love for each other that gets them through.

The forgiveness theme is expressed both by the Prodigal Son (Jake returning home to his family after being gone for 6 years), between brothers (Jake and Eric) and between warring towns (New Bern and Jericho).

If you're interested, it's on Netflix and you can watch it instantly.

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Anonymous said...

Hi New Jericho fan!

The Jericho story continues in a comic book which comes out next month. The story picks up with Jake and Hawkins in Texas. You can pre-order from your local comic shop or order from the publisher:

There is also a Jericho movie in development. First the comic, then the movie!