Saturday, September 12, 2009


I mentioned that Pioneer Woman was holding a Lucchese boot giveaway. I most definitely entered but, alas, I did not win. (You can find the winners here.)

However, that did get me fired up to wear my Lucchese boots to work on casual Friday. The embroidered vegetal pattern on this shirt echoed the hand tooled vegetal pattern on the boot. The plain boot cut blue jeans in between provided a resting place from all that intricacy for the eyes.

I know heel people who are outspokenly not boot people, but, hey, I walk the line. I rate my shoes by their ability to help me meet new people and make friends. These score pretty well. I met someone new in the women's locker room at the gym, and an Indian woman who loved the shirt, chatted with a senior staff member, and oh, had a great time walking around in the heart of Silicon Valley in cowgirl splendor.

The giveaway also inspired me to look at MORE Lucchese boots. \o/

Maybe, just maybe, if it's a good year, I'll get another pair:)

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jenX said...

very cool boots. i've never even heard of them.