Friday, September 4, 2009

5 Things I've Learned From the Leadership Class I'm Not Taking

My husband is assistant teaching a Leadership class in the Berkeley-Columbia EMBA program. Since the course reader and syllabus are lying around the house, although I'm not enrolled, I decided to take a crack at Week 1: What Exactly are We Talking About When We Talk About Leadership?

Here are my takeaways on the answer to that question from the Harvard Business Review articles:
1. Find your strengths and use them. Focusing on weaknesses doesn't necessarily help and it can hurt.
2. Be able to answer this question: Why should anyone be led by you?
3. Becoming the boss doesn't mean your in control...or anything else you thought it might.
4. Leadership is not charisma but faith combined with reason.
5. Being a good boss in a bad economy is especially hard. It helps if you provide as much predictability, understanding and control as possible and it makes an incredible difference for the good if you can do that with compassion.

It's amazing what you can learn when you're paying attention, even when you're not in class!


Kimberly said...

I just discovered you have a blog, and I have spent the morning being encouraged, especially by your faith. I've enjoyed everything I've read and would like to hang onto your words, "Leadership is not charisma but faith combined with reason." for today if that's alright with you. They've given me a little nudge to keep me going as we transition into a new year.
Abundant blessings for a new year!

Jennifer said...

Kimberly, thanks so much for visiting! Hanging onto those words is certainly alright with me. I so enjoy your photography and art work. I look forward to your new pieces. Abundant blessings for your new year too!