Saturday, August 29, 2009

Pear Persistence

Here's the first Dwarf Bartlett pear grown in my own backyard on an espaliered tree with 4 different varieties grafted onto the trunkette. The taste was an incredible blend of sweet and tangy.

My friend Pam and I managed to stuff this 4' tree in the back of my 2-door Toyota about 2 years ago now. It was a comedy running from one door to the other trying to keep all those branches from being snapped off as we levered the tree between the front seat, the seatbelt and the door frame.

The first 2 years I lost the leaves to fungus and needless to say, had no harvest. This year, I was on top of it with the fungus spray and it made a huge difference. I got 4 buds, 2 Bartlett and 2 Comice and finished the season with 1 Bartlett and 1 Comice pear. Not a huge haul but a big improvement from last year and extra tasty! Those store bought pears don't hold a candle!

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