Saturday, August 29, 2009

Julie & Julia: The Movie: Part 1

There's just nothing more attractive about a man than his love for his woman and visa versa. The movie Julie and Julia had this going on in spades both for Paul and Julia (Stanley Tucci and Meryl Streep) and Julie and Eric (Amy Adams and Chris Messina).

Particularly for Paul and Julia, that love seemed deep, complex. When a baby carriage roles by and Julia looks wistfully at it for just one moment, Paul puts his arm around her shoulder and pulls her to him and walks them both away. There are no words required to know what's wrong and what's needed. And this theme of attending closely to the other's reaction, and responding appropriately all without words appears consistently throughout the movie.

The scenes that gives us a glimpse of Paul's adoration and support of Julia throughout her cook book project and Julia's support of Paul throughout regular moves with Paul's career do a beautiful job of showing the depth of their commitment to each other over time.

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