Sunday, August 30, 2009


There may be no such thing as the perfect bag but that doesn't stop me from looking. As you know, I have the perfect camera bag but I didn't have the perfect computer bag....until now. BOOQ bags makes a Mamba backpack that's just perfect for my work mobile computer and, with a quick switch, also perfect for traveling with my personal mobile computer.

The shoulder staps are padded and the material is slick so itwon't snag my silks. The interior is bright red making it easier to find things inside. The computer stays put in a pocket in back. The bag comes with a zippered baglette to tame your computer's cable gear and 2 external zippered pockets for easy access.

Best of all, I can add 2 trade paperbacks for a long airplane ride, find room for lipstick, pillow and eyeshades and still look like a put together organized professional.


Andi said...

My hubby is always looking for the perfect camera bag and I am always looking for both the perfect laptop bag and perfect purse, I think it is as elusive as the Holy Grail!

Karen Ambrose Hickey said...

This is great - much less bulky than the Swiss Army one I got from Google. But I was just thinking of making the switch to a leather/briefcase type for work. I guess that I need both!

Jennifer said...

Andi, I'm still looking for the perfect purse so if you've got any tips, please let me know!

Karen, I was double sold on this bag after using it for work today. I could fit a 15" vase in (bringing it home from work) and 2 paperbacks and my heels fit in on top!!!