Monday, August 10, 2009

Bonham by Betty

You might be thinking Helena Bonham Carter but these Bonham pumps are by Bettye Muller.

I bought these on a recent trip to Kansas, the land of homegrown tomatoes and homeade bread.....the same land that Cessna, Beech, Boeing pioneered.

This red and grey houndstooth pattern in luscious cashmere goes great with a bodyskimming gray sleeveless cashmere and wool blend sheath dress.

After a day of wearing them, I can tell you that the heel is firm and imminently plantable for a stable walk. The platform in front reduces how much of the heel height you actually experience.

Heel hint: To make the wearing of heels a sustainable practice, wear comfy shoes too and from work or your target audience/event/location. It saves wear and tear on your feet and scuff marks on the heels from driving as well as in transit weather exposure.

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Andi said...

Oh those are yummy! Happy to hear they are comfy too, that is always the hardest part of nice shoes that I want to wear to work!