Sunday, August 30, 2009

An Accidental Still Life

So inspired by Julia Child's exhuberance for life and love in the movie, Julie and Julia, I headed out to the Sunday Farmer's Market before church this morning. Hair in a clip and the worst of my mascara smudges wiped away, I piled into the car with only a vague notion of what I was going for.

We had eggs already and onions so maybe I was just going for flowers. Twenty minutes and $33 later I emerged with some kind of mushrooms (which I promptly folded into a luscious omlette cooked in butter), 40" long sunflowers, lots of August heirloom tomatoes and salad greens with flowers in them. Told you I was only going for the flowers.

The only problem with these sunflowers is that they are 40" long (did I mention that?) and my tallest vase is, oh, about 15" high and impossibly light to boot. So, while the sunflowers sprawled over both halves of the sink, toes dipped in the left side, busty blossoms hanging over a plate of ripe tomatoes, this deficiency necessitated a trip to Costco to see if they had a suitable vessel.

I found one possibility. When I called my husband to see the distance to the lowest leaf (21" which meant the vase was too tall), he softly asked me, "Can you trim the ends?" Undeterred by sensible reason, I kept looking and he, knowing how I get when I'm on a mission, suggested Tuesday Morning. Bingo for $18.

I haven't got the perfect picture yet BUT am looking forward to working with it until I do. For a fall arrangement, these would look great with Kangaroo Paw blossoms in burgundy. Can't wait until next weekend and all the meals in between!

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