Saturday, July 18, 2009

Women Don't Ask

Even though I'm only 30 pages into it, Women Don't Ask makes perfect sense after having read (and blogged about) Appetites. If, as Appetites draws out, women find wanting threatening in the first place, then it makes sense that we don't ask for what we want.

If you're not comfortable with your want in the first place, why on earth would you actually ask for it? Seriously!

Serendipitously, in the pages of Jesus, CEO, I read: Jesus "encouraged people to ask for things and to be specific in their requests." (187) When I looked up the reference to Matthew 7:7 which starts "Ask and it will be given to you...." and followed the teensy footnote letter n, I found 9 other instances reinforcing the same thing. Probably not an offer to be the Cosmic Vending Machine but a real offer to take seriously our specific asks and definitely support for asking as a practice.

While I'm not far along in Women, I've gotten enough to give myself the challenge of asking for at least one thing that I wouldn't have before, every day. Here's my "start small" example:

At a pub lunch in Mountain View, I liked the Fat Tire label but was hesitant to order it for fear I'd end up with an entire pint of something I didn't like. Ordinarily, I'd just go for a sure thing instead, but I was curious. I asked the waitress for a taste. She wrinkled up her heretofore smooth nose and forehead and said, "I'm not sure we do that....I've never heard of that.....but I'll check." She came back smiling with a teensy taste which was enough for me to decide I'd prefer a Guinness. A win for the day.

So I'm off on an Ask Adventure! Want to join me? Go make some asks, tiny or gynormous and come back and tell about it!

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