Sunday, July 26, 2009

Halo Shoes

Just returned from Portland with a pair of these! Camilla Skovgaard stiletto t-strap sandals that fit like a shoe thanks to the strap over your ankle/high instep. Fun design and....they were on sale.

How did I find them? Someone also "into" shoes gave me her own exquisitely attuned recommendations for where to hunt great shoes. Halo was on the list. The staff were fashionista saavy consultants. The store carries a wide variety of unique designs all made of quality materials sturdily constructed...quite necessary for stilettos in particular.

I'll tame these down for work with a pencil skirt and a crisp white shirt (a la Katherine Hepburn). A chunky necklase would do wonders but will have to wait and pearls will do great. For evening wear, Halle Berry shows you what the right black dress would do for these shoes.

If you're curious about the store you can visit Halo online or check out user reviews.

Meanwhile, please pray that I don't break a leg on these 4"ers:)

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