Thursday, June 18, 2009

Who's Got Your Back

Went to my first Keith Ferrazzi event last night for his book, Who's Got Your Back. It was sponsored by University of Phoenix which I didn't know is the largest university in the US. UoP assigns students to groups of 3 or 4 and their responsibility is to help each other finish, pass, stick with it and excel.

It's a similar principle to Keith's. By being vulnerable and open, develop 2 to 4 lifeline relationships with people who have your back, who are there for you. Our assignment for the week is to go out and find one more lifeline relationship.

To practice, we got in groups of 2 or 3 and shared 1 dream and what holds us back. Through the process of being vulnerable to complete strangers I met 2 lovely unassuming people who are tremendously experienced and advanced in their careers. But I didn't know that until I got home and did some LinkedIn research. I got to know them first at a much warmer level.

I had read Never Eat Alone and eat lunch out a lot more as a result. Although I haven't yet read Who's Got Your Back, I think Keith is really on to something and I'll keep giving it a go.

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