Friday, June 26, 2009


A wonderful day in Portland....I drove through parts of Nob Hill, a genteel neighborhood with walking paths that connect streets through blocks, winding roads passable at 10 mph.

It was still too early for anything but coffee shops to have their doors unlocked but I drove down 23rd street anyway. On my plane ride, a lovely gentleman from Missippi told me of a beautiful 4 column apartment building on 23rd near Burnside that he'd love to live in. I found it and I second the motion.

Next, I went directly to Powell's, the only adventure bookstore in the whole world. Rather than pursue my list, I allowed myself the luxury of getting lost. I bought 3 books not even on my list but imminently useful and delightful. There's something to be said for surrendering.

Crucial to my day was the purchase of a book called "How Not to Look Old." Anyone over 13.5 years old seems to worry about this. I read the most pressing chapters in the store and this equipped me for the day.

Retail therapy was my prime purpose so I walked one block to Anthropology which opened at 10am. Extremely rarely does anything in the store work for me but I persist in trying because of their incredible merchandising, right down to the smell wafting outside the store a good half a block away. A cream tank with v- front and back was the sum total of my yield.

At Nordstorm's Rack, I vowed to start with shoes first and was handsomely rewarded with a snappy pair of black patent criss cross platform Donald J Pliner's, a brand I've been pursuing for years. Also, some discounted Perricone toner and Neutrogena eye wrinkle remover to repair those years in the tanning bed.

Then, following the advice of my book to keep hair layered but not too layered (talk about double speak!) I found a wonderful hair salon called Eclipse on the 7th floor of the Ross building. Nick cut my hair beautifully! I'll have to come back in a month for a refresher!

Finally, a stop at J. Crew to see what our first lady is thinking of wearing. Another place where nothing works for me. But, I do buy a tank. Again. I cannot seem to get into this century. But I keep trying. The tailored look a la Katherine Hepburn is not in vogue right now and with broad shoulders the current look will simply not grace me.

Then it's back to the Moderna, a lovely chic modern hotel near PSU, to freshen up and get to dinner with lovely new friends.

Can't wait until tomorrow. Key to the joy of this trip is 0% sales tax! Big difference from 9.25% in my state and county. See you then!

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