Sunday, June 21, 2009

MOO: 5 Great Things...Actually 10

MOO has taken the traditional model for producing business cards and turned it upside down. Here are 10 ways that they make your life easier:

1. The smallest order quantity is 50 instead of 500. When things change quickly, you add a blog, a website, a Flickr account, you don't have far to go to use up your stock.

2. Gone are the days of 500 copies of the same image. Each card can have a unique one. This is great for showing a portfolio and for treating people special either by selecting a card with an image you think they'll like or allowing them to pick one.

3. On the text side, each card can also have another image. This is the ideal spot for a logo or consistent representation of your brand.

4. MOO is fully integrated with Flickr, Facebook and Etsy and will import your photos to select from. No more camera ready artwork.

5. Cardstock comes in laminated or recycled matte.

6. Cardstock is thicker than Vistaprint.

7. Cardstock edges are cleaner than the print-at-home kind.

8. MOO serves an international market by printing in the UK and the US.

9. The MOO Flickr Group shows creative uses and stimulates your thinking.

10. You can even get 1/2 sized or mini-business cards which have lots of alternative uses such as hang tags, place cards, jewelry holders and more.

With 474 layoffs announced in just the tech sector since August 27, 2008 totaling 338,270 people (Techcrunch), and unemployment at ~9% in the US forecast to rise to 10.9% by December according to, carrying a personal business card is one step toward maintaining and presenting a personal identity. Go MOO!

Update: This entry works perfectly for Day #13 of BBB Challenge: Solve a Problem!

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Andi said...

I use Moo cards and just love them. I get comments every single time I give them out.