Sunday, May 3, 2009

Finally! Bowl of Beauty

I've waited since last fall for this event....the first blooming of my peonies.....and it happened so quickly that I almost missed it.  Here's the tight Bowl of Beauty bud on April 29th......and on the left, here it is May 3rd.  Funny enough, it seems to close up for the night.

Unfortunately, I was out of town for the initial debut. My only consolation is that while on my trip, I got to see my first Tree Peony at the Chinese Garden in Portland. There were several but here's one that impressed: 

Both of these peonies are in the pink range but there were some beautiful burgundy, yellow, orange, chartreuse and white ones. The exciting part is that unlike bush peonies, tree peonies can be grown in mild climates such as mine and will still flower. Good thing I bought one earlier this year to try out though it will be a few years before it blooms.

Peonies weren't confined to the Chinese Garden either.  While driving around we happened upon the largest bush peony installation I have ever seen here below.  

While I'm sometimes tempted to become a micro-grower, I have a feeling it's much like the wine business where the best way to make a small fortune is to start with a large one.  :)

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