Friday, May 15, 2009

Day #11 of BBB Challenge - Come up with 10 Post Ideas

This exercise amounts to mind mapping along a timeline.  Start with your 5 last posts written from left to right on a timeline and build new topics (not time based) around the nodes of those posts. Short, sweet, mindmapping is a skill I use a lot to put the butterfly net around the swirling mass of possibilities. 

Guess what!  I bet you can see it coming! The next exercise will be putting these new topics into time order!

Here's a quick review of where we've been:

Day 8 has an index of links to Days 1 through 7.


Andi said...

Wow! You got a lot of stuff out of the exercise. I love mind-mapping and don't do it often enough, it can be quite an effective tool.

Jennifer said...

Thanks Andi! I agree....mindmapping really helps you start to get organized. And I find that if I mind map something, even if I never turn it into a list, I'm likely to get it done.