Sunday, May 10, 2009

Crumpler Photo Bags

I just bought a Crumpler bag called the $7 Million Dollar Home and I love it!  

(The name is quite a nod to nomadic messenger culture and presages the nomadic life we may all live someday as the speed of moves to take advantage of labor, materials and skills arbitrage picks up.)

This bag is just about the best way to compactly hold in one place all the camera gear I like to take with me on trips. The only way to make it 
better is to carry less or to add a waist belt or hire a photo assistant to do the schlepping.  I'm not Ahnold so I need the help.

If you're interested, I highly recommend a trip to one of their stores (there's one in San Francisco) with all the gear you want to carry in hand.  It will help you demo out the bag with your stuff. 

If you want to check them out, you can find bags and store locations here. Warning: Most REI stores carry only the $3M and $5M bags.  Smaller.  Much smaller.  Probably the size I should be carrying.  But won't.

As a prize for shopping, the staff at Crumpler gave me my very own roll of paint-by-numbers toilet paper.  I'm speechless.  It's too big for the bag I got but it's very pro-nomad!

Have fun!  And many thanks to my husband for telling me about Crumpler.

UPDATE: I thought you might like to see the paint-by-numbers:)

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