Sunday, May 17, 2009

3 Travel Tips to Reach Escape Velocity

The pace of activities before leaving town rose to a crescendo as I rushed around trying to get everything done before vaulting through the narrow departure window.  This whirling dervish-ness reached its counterpoint when I fell into my seat exhausted while the plane took over moving for me.  Now, I could only hope that I packed things that matched or, if not, that I would have enough time to shop.  When I reached my destination, I felt cheated, not properly set up to do or be my best.  And this has happened over and over again.  And I got tired of it.

Instead, for a recent trip through the friendly skies, I took 2 weekend days to carefully prepare. Actually, I started 10 days before thinking about what I would need and how I would need to carry it.  I learned a few things you may want to use yourself.

3 Travel Tips
1. An out-of-the-way well-lit staging area helps translate all those little ideas, nagging notes and creative outfits into packed action. You can use your suitcase as a staging area by just flinging things (blue jeans, 3 prs, socks, 6 prs) in as they occur to you but something about the darkness of the black well erases my memory.  I need a well lit space to see what I have already got.
2. Put all those facial jellies, hair elixirs and other beauty must haves in a clear plastic cosmetic bag/box with internal structure and a handle on it.  You can move in and out of a hotel room much more quickly if you have one or even 3 bags to toss in the suitcase instead of many small items.  The structure means the bag won't flop over and you won't have to paw around for that tiny eyebrow pencil or face spray.  A wide opening helps you score 2 points when shooting the conditioner from the shower to the bag in your dash to leave.
3. Remember, you are not a beast of burden.  You do not have Ahnold's muscles. Plan your bags accordingly.  Examine carefully what you need to take and strip away all excess.  For example, my frequent buyer cards to local shops won't be any good on any trip.  I don't use my fountain pens anyway so what are they doing in my purse.  Take this opportunity to clean up. Yes, a 3rd pair of shoes would be ideal, but what's the weight and bulk to use ratio?  One time is not enough.

The result of these efforts was a peaceful feeling of readiness and a house that didn't look like a tornado just ripped through.

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