Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Thank Filled Thursdays

I get to be thankful early on Wednesday as I have a very early morning (4am) on Thursday. Let's see, what am I thankful for today?

1.  That we found the source of my cat's limp, claws that had grown back into her paws - truly horrific, and that we were able to fix it.  She's doing much better today.  She's the white cat that I've dreamed of since childhood and we've had her for 10 years.
2.  That my mom wants to visit when she's in the state later in June.  I hope she likes the plan I've proposed.
3.  That the water heater is finally fixed (a ceramic screen not on any of the drawings had gotten clogged).
4.  That I was able to create a print on demand greeting card pricing study and that it showed my cards to be very competitively priced in quantities of 10 and up.  Visit me at my store if you're interested.
5.   That I'm able to participate in a ministry that bears fruit, Crown Financial Ministries.
6.  For wanting to photograph again after a very long hiatus.  I post them on Flickr.

Go on, take a stab, what are you thankful for today?


Kristin said...

aww I'm so glad you figured out and were able to help the issue with your cat - how awful! That must have been SO painful for her :(

I gave you a little link love on my blog, here!

Can't wait to meet you tonight!

Kristin said...

oh oh, and I'm thankful for many things, but right now my big thankful thing is for my ability to see. The changing of seasons is incredible, and I'm so privaledged to be able to see all the colors and changes clearly :)

Jennifer said...

Kristin, It was great to see you in person tonight especially after enjoying your blog for awhile! Thanks! Thanks too for the link love! And I agree with you. Being able to see, particularly this time of year, is fabulous! Looking forward to seeing your new creations on Etsy!