Thursday, April 30, 2009

God and The Rain Will Bring it Back

I remember as a child being mortified by my haircuts, must have been particularly during my teenage years, although I have no memory of the age.  I just remember, when I was especially distraught about the state of affairs with my hair, that Dad would say,  "God and the rain will bring it back."  He meant, basically, don't worry, give it time and it will be okay.

That memory was given a resurrection yesterday.  My hairdresser had been in a car wreck and it's not certain when she will come back to work. As a result, on my appointed day and hour for a haircut, I was assigned to a new person.  Let's just say, despite my instructions to, "Please give me a trim but the same style" the result was mismatched to me in every way. 

In the midst of my despair, I remembered 2 things that gave me perspective and hope: my former hairdresser was in much more need than I and my Dad saying, "God and the rain will bring it back."

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