Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Day #8 of BBB Challenge - Interlink Your Posts

The task for today is to interlink my posts.  I usually do this.  When I post an update about my peonies, I link to an old post about peonies.  When I post about an idea in The Longer Long Tail that I posted about previously, I link to the former post about the book.

But right here in front of my face is an opportunity that I've been missing! Why not link this post to all the previous ones in this challenge?

Day 3: Promote a Post

I tagged each one of these so that you can see them together.  Moving forward, I'll have to figure out a strategy for linking back to another day in the Challenge that's useful.  But this exercise sure opened my eyes to what I'm missing. 


Andi said...

Great idea to summarize all the 31DBBB posts, I am going to do that too!

Anonymous said...

cool.. I came to you via Andi. I couldn't quite figure out what to do w/ that assignment.. Will delve into yours.!
delicate flower