Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Balance in Hunkeford, TX

A frequent topic at corporate women's groups gatherings is some discussion about "balance" or equal distribution of weight (dictionary.com definition here).  But this is a subject that I don't see, hear or read about much in the blogosphere.  

Why is that?

1. Well, maybe I'm looking in all the wrong places.

2. Maybe there's not a lot in the blogosphere about balance because the concept and framework doesn't fit...bloggers are really passionate about their subjects.  Perhaps balance become irrelevant when one is possessed by a passion.  Who wants to be balanced anyway when you could be passionate and just get all the rest done as much as needed?

3. Or...trying to achieve a balanced life could be a framework that puts the pursuant in the victim(definition here) position because balance is an elusive, inconcrete goal.  Why try to reach a goal when you don't know clearly what it is  (unless you're just trying to keep moving forward)?  It's like trying to go to Hunkerford, TX instead of Hungerford, TX.  If the first doesn't exist (it doesn't, I checked), how are you ever going to get there?  And who said that Hunkerford/balance is a great place to go?

And bloggers look like the antithesis of being a victim.  They have a voice and use it.  They "own" the means of production and distribution.  No one, short of an internet outage, can stop them. 

4.  Maybe balance implies not equal weight but the right weight on the right things, even if it's not equal weight.  Then it might fit.

How about you?  What role does the goal balance play in your life? If you blog, in blogging? Have you heard any conversations lately about balance?  Read any blogs about the topic?  

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