Saturday, March 28, 2009

Stand Out in a Crowd

Stand Out in a Crowd
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Photography is something I really enjoy. I used to hang shows, make photo cards, call on shops to sell photos, make my own prints and matte and frame my own photos. In fact, I've exhibited work internationally in 38 shows over 5 years, received 7 awards leading to 5 speaking engagements and 2 TV appearances and have had 6 photos and 4 critical essays selected for publication. I even went so far as to apply for and receive copyrights from the US Patent Office.

But, once I went back to work for companies on the NYSE, I didn't have time or energy or enough drive to do photography the way I was doing it - doing everything myself.

For some reason, this week it finally clicked that the tools existed and had for some time to have a store without a physical footprint, without having to own and run my own website, and without having to do fulfillment.....enter CafePress!

As of today, I now have my very own store where I can offer my best images on anything from aprons to greeting cards and prints (greeting cards are a personal favorite). I hope you'll visit me at


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