Monday, February 2, 2009

Martha Stewart & Steve Jobs

Martha and Steve have something in common; both have had to leave a company they built and let others run it.  

In jail for 5 months, under house arrest for 5 months ending August 2005, and banned from serving as a director, or as the CEO, CFO of any public company for 5 years, Martha had to find a way to do it from afar.

How: According to Business Week, the army of Martha's-in-the-making were traded for a professional management team: Start with media saavy "CEO Â Susan Lyne, whom Stewart says 'is extremely fair in letting me know almost everything that's going on.'  Sally Preston of Rodale has come in as senior vice-president of publishing; Yahoo! veteran Holly Brown manages the Internet business; and former Kate Spade president Robin Marino has taken over merchandising. As Lyne puts it: "We've got people running segments who can do a lot of their work and planning independently. They don't need to be babysat in any shape or form."

Let's hope Steve Jobs has a succession plan for his health issues that includes a strong professional management team so we can keep enjoying beautiful products and market making paradigm shifts.

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