Sunday, February 22, 2009

From Kitsch to Haute in One Day: Part 1

Niche culture is so alive and well in Portland, Oregon that in 1 day you can leap from kitsch to haute and back again in both food and fun.  

We started the day with solid farm fed fare of corned beef hash and an applewood smoked bacon and egg scramble at the Everett Street Bistro, a European charcuterie.  Then we headed across the river to the Velveteria, the Museum of Velvet Paintings. 

A labor of love for Caren and Carl, $5 per person gets you in to see 170 paintings.  In the main room, the paintings are grouped by subject with a section for Presidents including Obama, famous African Americans including Malcolm X,  country singers (3 of Willie Nelson), sci fi (William Shatner and ET), and yes, 1 unicorn. There's a separate room complete with leopard print rug and leopard print upholstered bench to grace the velvet paintings of unclad gravity-defying ladies.  Lastly, the Black Lite room.  Honestly, the circles on the carpeting were glowing so brightly I don't remember what was on the walls!

This place just goes to show you that if Caren can and wants to do this after 30 years of being an RN, really, anything is possible.

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