Sunday, February 1, 2009

Bay Area Girl Geek Dinner: Pitching not Bitching

First off, great schwag!  Upon walking in the door and registering, the first thing you get to do is gorge on the schwag tables: a Bettoni passionate red pen with an Adobe logo on it, a Google Women insulated coffee mug, Adobe logo'd small square notebooks, a strange little squeeze guy for carpel tunnel exercises, and best of all a coffee mug with the Bay Area Girl Geek Dinner logo on it.  (Since I don't own the copyright see here for pic.)

Second, great prizes for the raffle:  Multiple copies of VmWare Fusion and lots of Spracht Bluetooth audio conferencing devices.  It's like having a Polycom that works with your mobile PC or your cell phone. Great for small businesses.

Third, great format.  After dinner, Angie Chang, one of the co-founders of Women 2.0, started a sort of open mic event.  We alternated raffles with 60 second pitches: Pitches for startups, pitches for talent, pitches for jobs, for board members.  The common theme was all these women were going somewhere.  They had a destination and an advantage...they controlled more of the tools of production than ever before. 

The evening was just great.  As I walked away, I realized how positive and upbeat the evening had been.  Why?  We were pitching, not bitching.

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