Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Fine Art of Indian Dressing

Clothing made by hand is so expensive in the US that it is unobtanium for most. However, Indian clothing stores such as Nalli's and Fusion India carry affordable clothing made of beautiful unique fabrics, many handmade, often hand worked.

My recent ambition was to buy a Shalwar Kameez Dupatta. Each of those words refers to an item in the ensemble. Shalwars (or salwars) are wide style pants. (Churidors are the pencil legged version.) The kameez is the shirt and the dupatta is the scarf. For a 3 piece outfit you can expect to pay $44 and up with a dizzying selection under $200.

Here's an example of the fine detailing available in the shalwars (left) and in the kameez (right). While the pants are voluminous, the top is tailored to fit snugly through the waist. Rather than trim off the fabric that has been taken in, it is left in the kameez with an eye toward expected future weight gain. Your only a $5 alteration away from the right size, making your wardrobe really work for you your whole life through.

While dressier ensembles are meant for parties, dinners and occasions, there are many hand loomed cotton ones available for every day wear. Next time!

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Rick, Pam and JC said...

Very nice! Gorgeous gown!